News - Last updated: 1st May 2020

1st May 2020:  The University of Buckingham Lillingstone Trust Scholarship Award  

The Trustees are proud to announce that they have agreed to fund The Lillingstone Trust Scholarship Award for students studying Computing or Psychology from September 2020 at the University of Buckingham.  Full details on how to apply can be found here.  

14th February 2020: Scholarship Applications

The Trustees have awarded 14 scholarships to students hoping to start university in Autumn 2020.
We wish them success in their studies.

11th November 2019: Lillingstone Lectures

The 2019-20 lecture season will start on the 20th November.  Full details can be found here.

14th August 2019: Science Rooms 

The Trustees are pleased to announce that they have agreed to fund the fit-out of new science rooms at a local school as part of the refurbishment of their science and technology block.  Further details to follow.

14th August 2019: Scholarship Applications

We are now accepting applications for scholarships from students planning to start university in Autumn 2020. 
See our Apply page for full details.  Applications must be received by 30th November.

23rd January 2019: Scholarships Awarded

The Trustees have awarded 9 scholarships to students hoping to start university in Autumn 2019.
We wish them success in their studies.

23rd April 2018:  Sports Science Seminar Room

The Trustees are pleased to announce that they have agreed to fund the fit-out and equipment costs for a Sports Science Seminar Room within the new Sports Campus at The Royal Latin School, Buckingham.  

The Trustees have also agreed to finance the Sports Community Outreach Programme.

Full details of the project can be found here.

26th January 2018: The Lillingstone Trust STEM Scholarship

The Trustees are pleased to announce the establishment of The Lillingstone Trust STEM Scholarship in conjunction with the University of Nottingham.

The Scholarship will be offered to low income students studying within the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine and Health science.  Two awards of £5000 will be made annually with preference given to female students.

The Scholarship is administered by the University of Nottingham and any applications should be made direct to the University.

19th December 2017: Scholarship News

The Lillingstone Trust has offered 7 full and 6 half scholarships to students applying to start university in Autumn 2018.
We now have scholars from the following schools:

The Royal Latin School, Buckingham
Sponne School, Towcester
Magdalen College, Brackley
Northampton School for Boys
Cottesloe School, Wing

17th November 2017 : BACAB Town v. Gown Quiz

The second Town v. Gown Quiz was again held in the Lillingstone Trust Community Laboratory and hosted by Rt. Hon. John Bercow MP.

9th October 2017: Scholarship Award

The Lillingstone Trust has awarded £1,000 towards a new PhD research project titled: 'How is environmental change influencing the movement of Malaysia's apex predators in wildlife corridors?' The project, facilitated through the Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology (DICE) and School of Anthropology and Conservation at the University of Kent, aims to evaluate whether there is sufficient gene flow between isolated populations of the critically endangered Malayan tiger and vulnerable Indochinese leopard, and explore the added impact of climate change on population connectivity. The grant from the Lillingstone Trust will go towards travel costs, ensuring the pilot study - a crucial first step - can take place. The project is a collaboration between DICE, TRACE Wildlife Forensics Network, Perhilitan, and local NGOs.

17th May 2017: Successful Season of Lectures Completed

17th May saw the completion of the series of lectures for this year with a really interesting lecture by Professor Dwayne Heard from University of Leeds on 'Our Atmosphere - Chemistry Does Matter'.
Lectures will start again in September 2017. Keep checking on the Royal Latin School website for further details.

1st December 2016: Town vs Gown

A challenge quiz—Town v Gown---was held in front of an audience of 120. The evening, organised by a local charity BACAB, that provides funds for the local Citizens Advice, was much enjoyed and raised in excess of £2,500. 

The quiz was preceded by a talk from the winner of the BBC Mastermind 2016 winner Alan Heath. The evening was chaired by Sir Anthony Sheldon, and the question master was the Rt Hon John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons.  The very exciting quiz was won, after a tiebreak, by the Town team. 

The community use of The Lillingstone Trust Community Laboratory was welcomed by the Headmaster, David Hudson, of the Royal Latin School in Buckingham on Friday 25th November.