Lillingstone Trust Community Laboratory Lectures

  Full details of all lectures can be found here.

The 2016-2017 season of lectures were both exciting and well attended. 

25th April 2017:  Dr Stephen Lewis spoke about on the Perils of Landing on Mars. 

Giving a lecture at the Lillingstone Trust Community Laboratory, Dr Lewis explained what the European Space Agency have done and are planning on doing in the search for water and life on Mars. He also explained the conditions that make Mars such a likely candidate for water and life at some point in its existence. 

This lecture went beyond the normal discussion of Mars exploration and gave many interesting insights including the path that must be taken to get to Mars, the interesting atmosphere present on Mars and the fact that water can freeze and boil on the the surface of Mars due to the temperature and pressure. There was a real buzz around the lecture theatre as people discussed and asked questions about what they had learned. 

22nd February 2017: Artificial Intelligence: Fact or Fiction

Since 1943 and the invention of what was to become computing, humanity has been fascinated by the concept of creating artificial intelligence.  Sir Nigel Shadbolt started his talk by discussing what has driven our ability to develop computers capable of beating chess champions.  As Sir Nigel progressed through the talk he illustrated time and again that though A.I. is phenomenally good at specific tasks, it is just those tasks it is good at.

With fears of future computer overlords allayed, Sir Nigel finished the talk looking at the potential of the semantic web. A way in which A.I. looks at data represented in websites that can then be used in search programs so that computers can search, process and analyse data.   

7th December 2016 : Obesity and the Sugar Tax

£6,000,000,000 is the cost put on the NHS for obesity per annum. One of the main contributors towards obesity is that of sugar. 
Steve Woods outlined how detrimental our diet is to our cardiovascular health, not only our overall health.

6th October 2016: Know your enemy – What is cancer and how does that help us Fight it?

Cancer, a disease, caused by the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells. Dr. Martin Christlieb painted a colourful picture of how they are tackling the curing of the disease in the department of oncology (at the University of Oxford).
Dr. Martin Christlieb presented cancer in an understandable manner, demonstrating how such complex scientific areas can be explained and unpicked in an easily comprehensible way. 

21st September 2016: –The Higgs Bosun Particle Discovery and my work at CERN

The Higgs Boson, a unique, subatomic particle theorised to exist in the 60s, plays a large part in the Standard Model of particle physics.
Professor Bill Murray (from the University of Warwick) demonstrated the intricacy involved with the Higgs Boson and its discovery.

18th  July 2016– Responding to the Challenge of Neurodegeneration

Parkinson's disease is one most people have heard of... But most are unaware of what having this demoralizing disease actually entails. The fantastically knowledgeable Professor Dr Patrick Lewis from the University of Reading came into the Lillingstone Trust lecture room to educate the audience upon this disease and the pioneering research surrounding it.