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The Lillingstone Trust Scholarships

The Lillingstone Trust offers scholarships to encourage pupils from lower income backgrounds who are deterred by financial constraints from exploiting their potential by continuing into higher education.  
Scholarships will be awarded mainly, but not exclusively, to pupils applying to research based universities to study science, technology, mathematics or engineering.  

Scholarships will have maximum value of £4,000, with payments spread over the first three years of the degree course. The first year’s award will be £1,500 to assist with the purchase of required equipment and books. To receive subsequent yearly grants applicants will need to provide evidence to the Trustees of their successful academic progress and to confirm that they have a continuing need for support.

Any student attending schools in North Buckinghamshire, Northampton Town or South Northamptonshire may apply for a scholarship.

The Trust has also set aside a small fund to assist those pupils requiring assistance with the costs of travel to attend interviews at universities, please ask your Head of 6th Form if you think you require this support.

Application forms can be found at the bottom of this webpage

Please complete your application clearly and return it to your Head of 6th Form or if you have received the form direct from The Lillingstone Trust, please return to:

The Lillingstone Trust
Bridge House
Lillingstone Lovell
MK18 5BD

What our Scholars say:

“Last year most of my scholarship funding went to funding my 20 credit module which involved a field trip to a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa where we aided white rhino conservation and learnt some essential filed methods and techniques for ecology and conservation in practice.  This trip would not have been possible without your support.”

“This scholarship is incredibly beneficial for me, allowing me to use my time at university effectively instead of having to work several hours a week to support myself.”

“A large amount of the scholarship for my second year was used to fund my rent and living costs over the summer holidays, in which I spent a month working voluntarily alongside one of my lecturers in the university’s research lab.  The insight I gained into how research is carried out and what a PhD involves will be highly valuable for my future career plans.”

“The main time the scholarship came in useful was later in the first term.  As my parents weren’t able to be guarantor for my 2nd year house, I had to pay 6 months rent upfront  in advance….The scholarship saved me here and meant I could actually secure myself a place to live for next year.”

“The Lillingstone Trust has been invaluable in easing the financial strain of university.”

“My computer failed as it was many years old and drastically out of date….Without the  Lillingstone Trust money , I would have had to borrow money to buy another computer, so I am really grateful for the money you provided me with last year.”

“I would not have been able to do some of the amazing things I did this year if it wasn’t for the Lillingstone Trust.”

The Trustees will carefully consider all applications, the Scholarships are granted on a discretionary basis and the Trustees will not enter into any correspondence or discussion about their decisions. In considering applications, the Trustees will ask the School to provide an academic/personal assessment of each applicant.

All information you provide will be received in confidence by the Trustees who may discuss your application with the School. 

Guidance on completion of your application may be provided by your Head of 6th Form.

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