The Lillingstone Trust - Review of Activities 2018

The charity’s Scholarship Scheme provides scholarships for pupils from lower income backgrounds wishing to study science at research based universities.  

The scheme has been developed in conjunction with local schools and is now being offered at seven schools.  The scheme has twenty current scholars funded for higher education studies, six in their third year of studies, seven in their second year and seven in their first year.
The third year students are just completing their degrees.  We have also offered scholarships to thirteen students starting university in Autumn 2018.

In addition, during the year the Trustees awarded ‘one-off’ scholarships to a pupil from the Isles of Scilly to enable him to attend a boarding school on the mainland and to a PhD student researching the future of tigers in Malaysia.

The charity continues to support a Community Laboratory in a  Science Centre at a local school.   As well as providing facilities for the pupils at the school, use of the Community Laboratory is offered to the wider local population, including primary school pupils, local youth organisations and local science clubs.  The charity funds the centre's outreach program costs, including a program of  monthly science lectures.  The charity has recently agreed to fund the fit-out and equipment costs for a Sports Science Seminar Room within the new Sports Campus at the same school.

The trustees have recently established The Lillingstone Trust STEM Scholarship in conjunction with the University of Nottingham.  The scholarship is open to students from low income backgrounds studying within the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine and Health Science.