Latest News   19th December 2107 - We have offered 7 full and 6 half scholarships to students applying to start university in Autumn 2018.

The Lillingstone Trust is a small charity operating in the local area of Buckingham.  The charity has been operating since 2013, with the principal aim of encouraging young adults from lower income backgrounds who are deterred by financial constraints from exploiting their potential , to continue into higher education. 

"The Scholarship has been very helpful and very much appreciated, making my time at university that little bit easier and less stressful."

"I believe that the funding from the Lillingstone Trust Scholarship has played an integral part in the success of my second year of study by allowing me to pay for useful materials and reducing the financial worries."

See our scholarship page for details of how to apply.

The charity also has a special interest in promoting education in the area of science to all ages.  The Charity has sponsored the Lillingstone Trust Community Laboratory and supports the work of the Outreach team of the Royal Latin School.  Attend one of the exciting lectures.

Lillingstone Trust Community Laboratory Lecture at the Royal Latin School Buckingham

Year 5 primary school children enjoying a Science Fayre.